Automated IFC Stack optimizer
This is a neat little script I wrote a few months ago for batch optimizing multiple IFC files using 'Solibri IFC Optimizer'. It can optimize an infinite number of IFC's with the single push of a button, regardless of their sizes.
Sometimes in projects there are BIM/CAD manuals specifying that IFC's needs to be optimized prior to sharing them with other consultants. As a way to speed up and ease the interoperability. But with weekly deliverables this can accumulate to a fair amount of hours in a large project. Hours which could be spent on tasks actually requiring some architectural skill.
For the sake of this demo I've chosen IFC's with very small file sizes. The real strength of this script lies in optimizing multiple larger IFC files. Start the script, let it work (for hours sometimes) and do something better with your saved time, check the validation report, done.
It definitely saves time. But perhaps more importantly it eliminates time spent on a repetitive and boring task. The script is available below in pure text form as well as a downloadable ZIP file containing the executable .bat file and some demo IFC files. Use as you wish!